We are a proud Geelong owned and run business. Majority of our products and materials are sourced from a local supply base with a mission to find it in our own backyard first, supporting Aussie businesses first and foremost.

Further more, almost all of our materials and packaging are recyclable. We intentionally don’t purchase any plastic packaging. What we do use is almost always upcycled by us from previous packaging received into the business.

The studio is based on fun and genuine enthusiasm for your event. We literally adore sharing in your big day and are massive suckers for love plus huge stationery geeks! Our bespoke wedding invitation service stands out, finding it’s niche in offering clients a face-to-face consults and personalised service in an online world. Stationery is delivered fully assembled (no DIY required!). We pride ourselves on searching and sourcing stunning finishes including letterpress, foil, acrylic or anything else you can dream up.

Nothing sets our soul on fire more than hearing how excited your guests are receiving their invites or how they are the best they’ve ever seen. After all this IS the very first glimpse of your wedding they will see, and we aim to set the scene to the party of the year. All of which leads to the ultimate mission of the business: Memorable Connection.